I have moved!


Yep.. I now officially live in Rome. If you are actually reading this sporadically written blog then you probably already knew that though.

So far we’re just enjoying exploring a new city. We have explored a few neighborhoods and ventured around the center some. It’s as beautiful as I remember. And the pasta, delicious.


I found a great park nearby for morning runs, Villa Ada. It’s wooded and more rugged than some of the Roman parks, though there’s a nice pond at one end as well. At some point I want to try running along the Tiber, though that would be a longer run from home.

Villa Ada #handelingberlin.com

Villa Ada


Of course the first weekend in town we located tacos. I can’t live without tacos apparently, but no fear.. good tacos exist at Tacos & Beer in Monti. Side note- this is the one neighborhood we’ve actually managed to get home from relatively easily with public transit.


Now don’t get me wrong, my love of tacos does not deter my love of the pasta, pizza or vino.. we have been exploring many good food spots. There are lots.

We overlapped in town with friends our first weekend, so we joined them on an excursion to lunch at their favorite nearby agriturismo, La Cerra. It’s about a 30-45 minute drive from Rome, near Tivoli. An agriturismo is a working farm that has a restaurant and a place to stay. Some are fancier than others. This one has tons of space for visitors to eat with views of horses and the rolling hills below. There’s even a giant playground for bambinos (kids) with its own dining area. Smart.

Sadly I didn’t get any pics of the food (lots of pork raised right there) or the awesome playground.


That’s all for now.. but the blog is back, and for now we’re sticking with the old name. Stay tuned for more Italian adventures, neighborhood insights, and potentially reports on past trips I never got around to sharing. Ciao!

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