Italian craft beer?

So, yes yes.. Italy has amazing wine.. duh we know this. But did you know they have been into the craft beer scene for a while now? Because I only found this out recently. Germany, meh not so much. They’re just starting.. tradition is a little too strong there. But Italy, yep they’re doing some good things.

Now I’m not going to lie and say you can find amazing beers at the grocery store in Rome because well it’s not true. But I think there are some decent bars and taproom type spots around. I haven’t found them yet, but I’ve heard talk.

Also.. beer festivals! We went to our first one, and I was impressed. Thirty breweries from around the country. Though sadly none from Rome. The event was called Fermentazioni. Our first bus experience in Rome was getting there, not exactly painless but once the bus actually came it was less than a 20 minute ride to the event in Parioli. So all in all not too bad.

We went in the afternoon because we had dinner plans. It wasn’t too crowded, but it supposedly went until something like 3am if you believe the flyers and the website.. Anyways we tasted some really good beers and a couple of just meh ones. My favorite surprisingly was a sour, Settembre from Birrificio del Ducato. Liking sours is a new thing for me. We tried a few good IPAs, pale ales, and even a sour dark ale.. what!?

Good food trucks too, lots of Italian food (ahem) as well as some good burgers.

But I’m feeling positive about good beer in this country so far. We just have to figure out where in Rome to find it.

PS- If anyone is interested in what all we tried you can follow B on untapped.. he literally downloaded the app at the event and tracked everything we tried.

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