And it’s June..

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.. We’ve been quite busy with travels, visitors, and planning yep, more travels! It’s been a busy spring, and it’s already summer!

To catch up..
April we spent a long weekend in Prague, which is a beautiful city.


Then my sister and her boyfriend visited us in Berlin.

In May we traveled to Switzerland for a long weekend. The weather was perfect, and everything just seemed amazing. The tall, snow capped mountains surrounded by the valleys with the crystal blue lakes. Yep, it was unreal.


Then later in the month my parents came to visit us! We showed them around Berlin a bit when the jetlag wore off, then flew down to Munich for a fun road trip around Bavaria. We definitely saw a lot, even with the rainy weather. It was a fun, activity packed visit!


Now we’re planning some more summer trips.. next up Tuscany! Hopefully I’ll find time to post about all these travels individually and share more photos of what we’ve been up to.


Today we went to the summer edition of Berlin’s Green Market. Always lots of fun. I tried some delicious foods and came home with a new cookbook! I LOVE cookbooks. While I typically read on my kindle, and find a lot of good recipes online from various blogs, I still love my cookbooks! First recipe tried tonight.. delicious. I highly recommend The Lotus and the Artichoke – Sri Lanka! edition, for anyone interested in trying Sri Lankan fare.

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  1. Anne Handel says:

    Most wonderful trip with best ever tour guides!

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